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"I have to help my brother." I tried to stand up, but Adriana didn't want me to.

Killian was surrounded by a huge fire in front of us while he was with Serena. I never lost my content to them when they were fighting. Killian was using his sword while the girl was using a fire which she made into a sword. Though I was wondering why the sword that the girl made was so very huge.

It's like she doesn't want to go near or be touched by her foe.

But when my brother grabs her hands when Killian has a chance, they are suddenly surrounded by a huge fire.

But the thing is, he suddenly didn't move, or should I say, the two of them didn't move. No one could get into them to help Killian out of the fire.

But I could not just stay here doing nothing like this. It was my brother, for Pete's sake.

"He was surrounded by a fire. What are we going to do, Kyzer?"

Clode asked while I was fucking preoccupied standing here.

"I've got to save my brother. Whatever it takes, I have to save him."

"But you
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