7_ ruined


I woke up with unbearable shoulder pain. Every movement makes me wince in pain.


I cautiously opened my eyes and looked around to see where I was. I realized that I had returned to my room. I examined my right shoulder. I noticed that there was a wound that was just about to heal. It explains why it hurts.

I get up and go straight to my bathroom. I take off my royal blue dress as I recall my thoughts about what happened to me.

As the door swung open however, my eyes widened as I turned to see Killian standing there, his worried and slightly fearful golden eyes staring at me.

I look at myself and instantly my cheeks heat up as I realize I was only wearing my underwear. I immediately panicked. I reached out what I could.

"Yah!" I screamed and threw the soap at him, which landed on his forehead. "Serve him." Killian slammed the door in fear and I could tell by the look on his face that I had upset him again. It can be seen in his sculpted jaw.

I should be the one who has to be angry, right? I calm down to avoid kicking my idiot security guard for being stupid enough to open my bathroom door.

I soak my body in my bathtub. It was filled with roses of different shades, and the scent instantly relaxed me and helped me forget about everything else.

Wait? What happened again? The last time I remember Killian hurtling through me as the crossbow was about to land on me, and I noticed how scared his golden eyes were once again.

I sigh... that's why I'm constantly being called clumsy by him. Even if it doesn't suit a strong-willed and bitchy girl like me. I wished to see his worried face like I had the first time I saw him. However, I think there was something different on his worried face after that incident.

I missed the sparkle in his beautiful eyes. Wait? Why am I remembering that day again? As far as I can remember, I had already buried that terrible day of my life. Not because of Killian's cruel remarks, but because my parents have been stricter and more restrictive on my freedom since that day. That was the only thing I wished for in the world.

And to add to my idiocy, I'd been obsessed with the dumbest man in the underworld. I'm sure if someone were living above this underworld Killian would still get the coldest blooded guy award. So my infatuation with him gradually faded and he became my most despised person of all to me.

I finished my bath and grabbed the towel I used to scrub my damp hair. As I did so, I sauntered out of my room and unwrapped my body. because I have to cream my body. But I had forgotten my damn guard who could still be in my room because I had gotten used to the fact that he was outside and no one entered without my permission.

Once again I was stunned to realize the man was sitting on my bed staring at me as if he had seen a ghost. I threw away the towel I used to dry my hair and screamed again.


“Calm down, stop screaming; my eardrum will be injured if you continue doing that. Also, no one could hear you because the other guard wasn't there.” And I want to remind you that your room was at the top of the castle,” said Killian, pointing to the door.

Killian said in a bored tone then grinned. He then changed his position.

Why did you come here?" Get out of my room!"

I scream at the top of my lungs out of irritation.

Can you imagine how awkward and frustrated I am? Argh, I'd like to kick him out of my life if I could.

"Can you at least cover your ugly body first?"

My eyes widened in disbelief. Did he say my unattractive body? Was he aware of my admirers at school? Though of course they have no idea my real identity as a princess of this realm.

I clench my hand in frustration, I'm powerless. I grabbed the towel on the floor, went into my closet and slammed the door. I immediately went in search of something to wear and made sure it was stunning to clarify to the blind man in front of my closet that he was dead wrong in using those vile insults.

I chose a simple but beautiful pink dress and stepped out of the closet. However, when I saw his face, I screamed again.

"How dare you enter my room without my permission! Did I tell you to get out?" I said with an angry look on my face.

"First of all, I don't need your permission because your parents gave it to me. I would be in your room now, guarding you. That was the order of the Alpha who is your father. Second, why are you angry at me like I have interest in your body? To be honest I'm sure I don't want a girl like you in a million ways. And thirdly, your parents told me that when you wake up, I had to inform you that a guest has arrived and you need to prepare.

I want revenge by telling him that this is my room and that I was the only person who had permission to bring whoever I wanted here. However, when he gave the second reason, I felt like I'd swallowed my tongue. My feet dragged me back inside of my closet…

I felt like I was seven again, and his remarks were like a sharp dagger cutting into my heart. "A girl like me..." Why was I feeling this way? As if I hadn't gotten used to his angry words? Why am I even listening to him? I am aware of my worth!

"Hey, are you changing your clothes again?"

Killian knocked on my closet door and asked. As if he hadn't said terrible things to me.

"Insensitive…" I close my eyes and try to keep a normal tone of voice.

"Yes, if there were a guest I would have to be more presentable."

That's all I could say as I swallowed the hard due of the pain I felt.


I sat next to my mother, while my father was in the middle. We were in the dining hall sharing dinner with the Beta family, the second command of our pack. However, they were not here because they were discussing another battle. Instead, because my dad asked his beta's son to marry me, is there anything else that could possibly make my already horrible day worse?

I just listened to what they said as I felt I had lost my strength from the events of the day and most importantly the words of Killian kept playing in my mind... 

But I was asking myself if it was possible to disobey my father this time?

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