9_ teasing


Of course, it was a joke when I spoke about intimacy. That would never happen. Alonzo was just a dear friend to me. But it was my way to annoy Killian because of obeying my father's orders that irritated me the most.

I stamped my feet as I moved toward my chamber. I'm sick of his present! I said, I need to speak to this beta's son, and Killian shouldn't be inside due to the confidentiality of what I would say to Alonzo. Though it was just a lie.

Before I could enter my room,  Adriana, Alonzo's eldest sister, appeared walking toward swinging her hips. I dislike everything about that girl, her hair and her bitchy smile on display.

Adriana said, "Hey brother," and bowed to me. While I know she doesn't want to, I've known for a long time that she despises me as well, just because Killian was my guard. I'm aware that she likes my obnoxious creature guard. Even so, the man's gaze was constantly fixed on me. Not because he likes me, but because he can't take his eyes off me literally.

I sigh with boredom.

The slut acts like a naive woman in front of the guy she likes. But the most annoying thing is that this dense has no idea! and he even made eye contact with the girl.

"The Luna Astrid asked me for help because she knows you need rest. If your body is tired, it can affect your performance. Knowing this little princess is kinda active you need a lot of rest."

Adriana tilted her head towards me and her smile mocked me. I was dangerously close to choking the woman's throat. While I'm aware that what she said had a double meaning, Alonzo may have noticed my clenched fist and grabbed my wrist, pulling me inside the room. As we walked in, I heard Killian laugh at the bitch's remark.

I slam the door immediately; if he wants to be with the girl, fine; You can be together like I care! After we entered my bedroom, Alonzo laughed.

"Are you kidding?" I said angrily, glaring at him with my big green eyes, but the daft kept giggling. I was about to hit him for it.

“If you don't stop, I swear all my anger at your sister will turn on you.”

Seeing that I was about to burst, he raised his hands in surrender.

"OK... OK... Your Highness, I'll stop now."

Alonzo was my only friend in this kingdom and even at school, not because he was the only person who knew my true identity within the school, apart from the guards my father had placed in every classroom. It's one of the ways my father protects me. The whole school believes that the teacher the alpha was only concerned for the student's safety, but the truth is that the guards were there for me.

Since we were children, Alonzo was the only one who witnessed my fear when my father locked me in this huge chamber that seemed like a dungeon to me. I understand that my parents adore me and don't want me to get hurt. Still, I think it was overdone at times.

Alonzo was always there for me, making me laugh and keeping me busy. Killian hurts me with a sharper word every time. Alonzo knows how difficult it was for me when I was a child. Fortunately, I had already overcome my affection for him. Alonzo and I have been too close since we met in first grade; He knows me and has always been there for me, which may be why my parents chose him to be my fiancé. even if they know that I'll meet my mate someday.

I scowl at him even more as I remember why I brought him here to my room.

Alonzo looked at me with amusement.

"Why don't you protest earlier?"

I gritted my teeth as he giggled.

"Protest?" "For what reason?" asked the daft innocently. As a result, I hit him immediately.

"Oh, I was only kidding, of course. I remember it was just... you didn't object, so I assume you're ok with it too."

I breathe in a lot of air to relax my nerves. I was about to lose patience and if I hadn't stopped for a second I could have sworn I could have killed this man.

"As you know, Alonzo, we were just friends and who knows, maybe one day we'll meet our mate!" What would happen if that happened? "

I sighed as I threw myself onto my bed.

Alonzo follows and lies down next to me, then leans against me.

"Don't tell me you still hope Killian will be your mate." Alonzo tickles my waist, the most sensitive part of my body. Of course, he knows that. He's not my best friend for nothing.

"Stop it, Alonzo, I never think that ever!"

“As I remember Killian was now twenty-seven years old, but I had never heard that he had already found his mate. Perhaps his mate was still too young? So are you thinking that it might be…"

I immediately cover Alonzo's mouth because I know what's about to come out of his dirty mouth.


Alonzo tried to speak; he chuckled as he struggled. I am aware that he can remove my hands effortlessly and so I ride on his stomach.

He laughed. His hand was on mine, but he did not attempt to pull it back. He continued to tease and tickle me.

Still covering my hands through his mouth, I was on his stomach.


"Stop it, Alonzo. I don't want to hear it!"

"What's happening?"

Killian's thundering voice filled my room and I was amazed. I couldn't see his reaction because the door was behind me.

Alonzo lifted his body while I stayed on top of him.

When I saw Killian's blade aimed at Alonzo's neck, I swallowed.

If you don't put down Serena, this sword will be buried in your neck."

Killian was in deep indication of danger…

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