10_ humiliation


"I'm so excited when Luna ask me this task, I mean I precisely don't like that brat, but as long as you were my partner, everything would be ok"

"Killian, are you listening?"

Adriana muttered something, but I was preoccupied with the princess and her companion, and I kept wondering what they were up to now.

Serena had completely forgotten about what had occurred previously, but the way her bare body looked was still as plain as water to me. And my screwed head is covered in shrouds, obstructing the sober mind that was left on me as a result.

This is entirely the responsibility of the brat.

The door slammed shut in front of me as the Beta's son and princess entered the room.

Following that, I tilt my head to calm my nerves.

"Don't worry they would be ok inside" Adriana stated, and I recall the Alpha saying the same thing.

"From now on, you will remain within the prince
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