Chapter 13

“What’s wrong with your memory?” His admission surprises Elysia.

Standing face to face on the narrow cobbled path, he regards her silently, as if he is trying to see inside her head. Birds are chirping on the nearby hawthorn tree. “I guess there is no harm in telling you this. Since I own your life,” he warns, his thumb rubbing his lower lip slowly.

“You don’t own my life!” she glares at him.

Ignoring her outburst, he continues, “Everything is wrong. I don’t even know who I am as I only have a few-day worth of memory. That’s why I need something that can make me remember everything I must have forgotten.”

Bewildered, her fury has disappeared. His gaze is on the horizon. The wind ruffles his hair and the morning sun makes something shine bright gold; only now she notices some golden strands mixing in the black.

She doesn’t know how to respond to this confession. Funnily en

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