Chapter 15

Although the execution stage and a few meters around are empty, the rest of the area is a stark contrast. Located next to the busiest quarter in the city, the city square is a vast space at the junction of four roads, surrounded by stone and brick buildings—most are shaped like towers and as tall as nine stories.

An hour before noon, nearby roads and streets that should be bustling with the bazaar, trading houses, auctions, and wealthy residential houses have turned quiet and almost deserted while the city square is noisy and overcrowded.

The people of Mayhem City are flooding into the junction from three sides. Demons stop their flights and continue the rest of the way on foot around a street or so next to the city square. Groups of humans and demons fill the three roads, rushing forward, talking about the execution of the criminal they are going to see.

“We have been seeing hangings all along. This one must be different.”


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