The Billionaire's Mistake
The Billionaire's Mistake
Author: C.ELLICA


Maryjane went to Jude's side of the bed and smiled, knowing full well that she was about to seduce him and taste a night of heaven, what could go wrong?

Wala namang mawawala diba? Kiss lang naman, total lasing naman kami, sure ako makakalimutan namin ito bukas diba?

A kiss won't hurt, right? They were both drunk after all. Yet, even before she touched his arms and felt his hands, her heart expanded with concern and worries, what if he doesn't like her? Don't want to? 

Nakakahiya naman ata kung ayawan ako nito.

"What are you doing, Mary Jane?" Jude's voice had the questions she knew so well, his words soft with the smile that already played on his face as he gazes at her lips, slowly with the kiss came electric tingles, the desire to play this game.Her desire to seduce him was the most seductive thing about her. Maryjane knew exactly what to do. Bahala na si batman. Bahala na din ang bukas.

"Mr. Murray, we're both drunk and we aren't supposed to be doing this, we should stop hmmp!" She began, ready to launch into her speech about how it was needed for her to stop this nonsense, there was nothing more between them, only lust and desire.

Pagnanasang di niya mapipigilan, but Jude didn't stop her. Pigilan mo ako please.

Instead, he simply stepped straight up to her, took her in his arms, and passionately kissed her. 

"Just for tonight sweetheart, you and me. Just you and me." He kissed her and held her like she was his everything, she was shocked for a second yet, he overwhelmed her with his passion, and he re-ignited hers. Her lips parted and his tongue entered her mouth, as her hands were on his back and her breasts were in his chest. Breathless. She was dizzy and there were fireworks in her head, she knew this was a mistake.

Mali talaga ito ba, maling mali. Pero bakit ang hirap pigilan? Tama ba itong ginagawa ko?

She should be ashamed to say that, at that moment, all she could think about was how close his body was to her. Only a few thin layers of cloth separating their naked skin from touching.

Hala ka bakit ang galit na!

"Sir, this is... Ahh.." She moaned, words forgotten. 

Bahala na!

"What did you do to me, sweetheart?" Jude interrupted her speech of nonsense.

Mary Jane was lost with his scent. Warmth masculine scent of his hair, the feel of his chest against her neck, his arms wrapped around her back, embracing her for one last time as if saying his goodbye.

He was surprised by the sudden change of her moods, he sensed her vulnerable state yet, she was all making him all the more aroused. He knew he was growing hard. He knew she could feel it pressing against her crotch and he didn't care. His hands were on the small of her back now and he slowly slid them down to her bottom waiting for her to recoil in alarm and shove him away but she never did.

He was about to press his luck further and reach for the hem of her silky blouse to pull upwards when she pulled back slightly and apologized again for her sudden emotional approach. "Sir, I need to go…"Kailangang mapigilan ko ito, boss ko siya, PA niya ako. Hindo pwede, bawal! Paano na ang bukas? May mukha pa ba siyang ihaharap dito bukas?

He said nothing. He just pulled his right hand up, brushed her hair back, and lightly stroked her left cheek with his fingertips while she gazed into his eyes. She was about to check herself and pull away when he leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.Tang*na naman oh, tukso bakit ang hirap mo namang pakiusapan, di kaba talaga lalayo? 

Jude knew he was jeopardizing everything. He anticipated her to pull away, to be stricken, to maybe slap him instead, she instantly parted her lips and he felt her tongue probe into his mouth first before he could lash his tongue into hers. It was a heated and pleasant, passionate kiss that made him lose his mind, and although initiated by him, she was the one who aggressively reciprocated.

Now knowing they were both on the same page and, in an animal-like desire, his hands flew back to the hem of her blouse which he jerked up in one quick motion, hooked his thumbs into the sides of her undergarment, and pushed them down those sexy, smooth bare thighs. They hung at her knees but she wiggled her legs and got them to fall to the ground all while still trying to give him a passionate yet hurried kiss.

She broke the kiss, pulled him hard backward toward the luxurious bed. Somehow, Maryjane's thoughts in all the ways this was wrong and inappropriate, only made it hotter and more thrilling for both of them.

She was tight, damn tight, and a virgin. "Jude, wait! Oh God." She moaned and whimpered. The sweetest melody on his ears.Sa lasing niyang diwa, wala na, surrender na ang bataan.

He sucked on the tip of her tongue for a few moments, their teeth brushed each other, and then planted his lips on hers and buried his tongue in her mouth at that same time he buried himself deep in her body. Her folds felt so warm, slippery, and sleek smooth. Feeling her little bush grind into his pelvis with every inward thrust, tasting her mouth on his tongue, and sensing her orgasm building and hastily getting him close to his explosion.

"My little temptress. What did you do to me?" He whispered as they both reached their peak.

Paano na ang bukas?  Paaano? Mary Jane was lost, lost to the warmth of him, she felt numb as she closed her eyes, mahal ko na siya, paano ba ito?

Jude's voice made her flung and swiveled in a futile attempt to slip away into the depth of her consciousness.Talo na. Wala na.

Her awareness was gone, lost in the lull of calmness and serenity of his words and for a few seconds, she succumbed to oblivion. 

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