Chapter 2- Jake Collen

Mr. Murray has a peppered stubble, his Atlantic blue eyes flicker with curiosity and gleam with delight. Yet, he had a dashing personality and a cosmic smile. He had bristly eyebrows, defined cheekbones, and a concrete jaw.

Pwede na yata akong maging romance writer ang galing galing ko ng mag describe, hay ang gwapo talaga. Pag ako kaya mag hubad dito sa harapan niya, tatayuan kaya ito or sisipain ako palabas?

"Are you even listening Miss Austen?" 

"Yes sir, I- I'm listening." She murmured.

Hala, ano kaya yun? Susme. Bakit ba naman kasi ang pink pink ng labi ng mokong na ito, sino bang nilalang ni eva ang hindi mapatingin dito. Eh lips pa lang ulam na, paano pa kaya kung sa ibaba? Ilan kaya ang pandesal nito? anim? or walo? 

Ang mokong ang gwapo gwapo talaga.

A 30-year-old-Billionaire who owns the Murray Group Inc. The company his Grandfather spent 25-years trying to succeed and now has over ten branches and over fifty hotels and offices all over the world. And five years ago her boss took the position as a CEO.

Usual she notices a musky earthy scent swirling around him.

Ano kayang pabango nito bakit amoy masarap? This man was gorgeous after all, he was a compact, clear-cut man, with precise features. Yet he had a look of wariness,

Parang pagod palagi at parang pasan ang buong mundo. Sa gwapo nito bakit kaya di nagkaroon ng wrinkles sa daming problema ng company nito?

With precise features which could change when he felt relaxed or pleased, which was rare in these impossible days. He seldom even smiles nor looks at her.

Kawalan niya, di niya makikita ang mala araw kung mata. He was the definition of a don't-care personality as long as she did her job properly.

Teka nga ano bang pinagsasabi nito.

"Miss Austen, I need you to check with Albert if he was ready enough for the board. I need you to make sure that he knows what the board requires to understand" He said without a pause then added. "...The scope and components of a comprehensive security program need to lighten up enough so the board can allocate sufficient resources. Am I clear?" 

"Yes Sir." Ano daw? Naman, ano nga ba yung unang sinabi nito, kape ba or ano? halik ko?

"And tell him he needs to stabilize a measurable proposal that helps develop our programs, I need that report on my desk before the end of the day," Mr. Murray added.

"And he should remember that a plan-build-run model was a useful means for executives to view the functions of an IT security program; so help me God if he messes this up! I'll fire him immediately."

"Yes Sir." MJ sighed as she walked away with her notes, groaning as the frosty morning air earlier still made her shiver.Ano ba yan di man lang ako tiningnan.Sus, pag ikaw magkagusto sa akin, promise pahihirapan talaga kita bago mo makuha ang matamis kung oo, siguro mga two minutes, pahihirapan kita ng bongang bonga.

"By the way, I wanted you here earlier!" he asserted, not returning her greetings.

"...I need more coffee."

Ano daw? kailangan niya ako? anong klaseng kailangan ba yun? kailangan sa kama or ...

"Are you even listening Miss Austen?"

"Hmp! yes sir."

Kailangan ko ng tigil tigilan to baka mawalan pa ako ng trabaho wala sa oras.

Never mind that she had come here a little earlier than normal just to prepare the boardroom. He took his coffee and gulped down all the contents before he continued.

This man can drink, yet she notices how superb-looking he was and his general appearance was disarming. He was tall, has vast shoulders, ripped abs, a light dusting of chest hair complete with a happy trail, and well-endowed. His chiseled facial features were striking; firm jaw, smooth-sculpted nose.

Stop, she has to stop. Mentally scolded herself. MJ kailangan mo na atang magkajowa para tigil tigilan mo na yang boss mo.

"You will have to reprint page four before we start in twenty minutes and make certain to let everyone know that we have the new director of the network team joining us later." He checked his platinum watch and turned his back to her, returning to his laptop.

"Yes Sir." She strode out and made it to the typing team for assistance. If she wanted this to be finished as soon as possible she needs help.

After checking everything, she went to the boarding room. The door slapped open at the exact moment. And it surprised Maryjane to see him there. The man from earlier.Ang gago bakit nandito ito? Saang lupalop ba ito galing at bigla bigla na lang sumusulpot.

She'd tried her hardest to keep a poker face on. She was a professional after all, and she had seen worse. It would not phase her.

Anong akala niya mataranta siya? Pwes! hindi.

The man's smile vanished, giving her a piercing look that had her freezing in her spot.Tinaasan siya ng kilay?

What the hell was he doing here?  Yet she doesn't have to contemplate that long for the answer since he took her grips and pulled her in. "Ay Butiki! Ano ba yan." Napatili siya.

"Why the hell are you here?" he exclaimed.

"I'm a..." Maryjane stuttered. She would've taken up the challenge had he not been rushing.  "I work here."

Tangna bakit niya ba ako hinila, di naman kami friend, kung makahila parang high school lang ang peg tapos nasa locker room, gago!

He grinned, slashing her off as she peeled her palms from his grasp. "...You work here? What a small world huh?" Frowning, they both went to the table as she brought back the brown manila envelope she'd forgotten from yesterday's meeting.

"Yes, and can you please let me go?" Mary Jane begged. She will not swerve like all the others.Sino ba ang mokong na ito. Looking at him closer now, without the wind and the rain obscuring his face, he was handsome.

And unbeknownst to them, one pair of eyes were watching them from the CCTV monitor and not happy with what he saw.

Maryjane recognized this man from someplace, but for the love of God, she couldn't remember where, or when.Saan ko ba ito nakita, sa gwapo nito bakit ko kaya nakalimutan ito. Disappointed and a bit furious at herself for not recalling him.

"Who are you?" She stuttered. However, she associated his physical characteristics with those of underwear

model-kind-of-perfection and she noticed his smirked which resembles a smile, finishing it with eyes with a shade of lush green eyes and a full head of dark copper strand.

Sabi ko na nga ba, pwede na ako maging romance writer, ang sosyal ng pagka describe ko sa mokong nakangiti pa ang mga mata.

Ha! may muta naman sa gilid.

The man then moved closer, so close that she could smell the mixture of cologne and aftershave he was wearing. Why doesn't she notice that earlier?Ang bango naman nito. parang flower base, nakakahiya naman ata sa gamit kung cologne. Pasalubong ni mama galing pilipinas ang paborito niyang bambani na color purple, amoy baby ang peg. Mura pa.

He smirked down at her, "Well sir!" she stammered,ano ba yan bakit ba nakatingin sa lips ko. Kung gusto akong halikan, halikan na agad, huwag na ang tingin tingin effect. Hays, boss ata ito dito, salamat naman may iba na siyang pagpapantastayan. 

"Small world huh? Well? Did I get your tongue under your throat?" He asked, snaking an arm around her trembling waist and pulling her towards his solid torso as she almost on the edge of slipping with her nude three-inch heels. "Ay, anak ng kwago."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing." Her eyes widened in shock as she felt her cheeks turned scarlet. "I'm sorry for hitting into you earlier on the sidewalk, Mr. Ahhh." she stammered again, cringing her face back to put some distance between their proximity.

Ano nga ba pangalan nito? Nagpakilala ba ito or ano? Nakalimutan niya?

From the office, Mr. Murray had raised a brow looking at the two in the CCTV monitor. 

"I'm Jake, Collen. You can call me Jake. I'm the new Director for the Networking Team, and you are?"

Sabi ko na nga ba bagong boss, kung maka asta parang kapatid ng prime minister ang hinayupak.

"I'm Maryjane, Mr. Murray's PA." The man ignored her attempt to move away and leaned in so that his lips were near her ear.

Pisti, tukso lumayo ka, kinikilig ako. Ayeh!

"Where is that temper of yours, Miss-I'm-running-late-?  He mumbled and leaned out, "...Well, don't worry I may be handsome but you are not my type, I want my woman naked, or wait a minute, are you planning on writing your resignation letter?" He whispered as she felt her throat go dry.

Ano daw? Mahangin lang ? Gago pala to eh, anong tingin niya sa akin, malandi at tigang? Well, both pero gago pala siya eh. Ang kapal.

"No, and for your information, you aren't my boss, so no you can't fire  me!" She frowned and opened her mouth to defend herself and put the man out from his super inflated ego, but remembers that he was after all the new director, so she just nodded and turned around instead.

Kung hindi ka lang boss dito,  binatukan na kita eh.

The man grinned before dismissing her once again, leaving her so anxious with his statement. "Hey, I'm just kidding really. Coffee later Maryjane?"

Ang kapal, teka lang nagpakilala ba ako? Nevermind na nga lang.

Without turning her head, she replied, "No thanks."The nerve of the man, ang kapal gravehh! Nakaka highblood. Di ko na siya crush. Back to Mr. Murray na lang ako ulit.

Two hours later, Maryjane was swearing to every known god on the planet for the existence of the being called Jude Murray.

Ano bang nakain nito bakit ang sungit sungit bigla. Nakakain ata ng malansang puk*.

Not only was Mr. Murray super rude to her and overly arrogant, but he was also the definition of the man who knows it all. Overbearing self proclaims god, he was indeed a pain in the ass for the duration of the meeting, he's asked her three times for a coffee.

Nasobrahan yata ng kape bigla na lang nandidilat sa akin. Ano bang maling nagawa niya today? Isip isip daw beh. Wala naman ah.

And not only that, he made her run to the copy room to copy a new contract in less than three minutes to spare. While the new Director, Jake Collen watched her with a profound smile as if telling her how mundane her job was.

May araw ka ring Jake ka, akala mo ha. May araw ka rin.

The boardroom has a pale cream wall that has been used often by the bosses and their never-ending management discussion and other major decision-making situations. It was one of the most elaborate meeting rooms in the building which was owned by Murray, fully equipped with both AV gear and furniture, the U-style table has seats on all sides of the table while she sat on the side of the big boss, taking note and yawning nonstop.

Maryjane knew only companies of a certain size or maturity will truly need conference rooms as massive as this,ang sosyal at ang laki, kasing laki ng harapan ni bosing. Ay ano ba yan! ang green green na naman ng naiisip ko. Kailan ba to sila matatapos? Nakakainis antok na antok ako. The meeting was indeed tiresome, and she zoomed out almost half of it.

Lunchtime passed by with no actual lunch. She had a bundle of data compiling to finish by 4:00 pm so she ate the single leftover tuna sandwich from this morning and typed single-handedly. Where was the cup of coffee when she needed them most? She murmured.

Kung kailangan wala, kung hindi andyan, ano ba yan.

When she was finished, with still five minutes to spare, she gathered all the files with one hand and hurled them on her desk to finish tomorrow. Her boss left early and she was thankful for that. At least, no more overtime for tonight.

Hay salamat naman. Makauwi ng maaga, magluluto pa ako then maglalaba, si mama naman kasi ang tagal tagal umuwi sa dalawang partime nito.

With that, she stood up and trudged out the door, slamming it shut on her way out.

Hay salamat, tapos na din.

Her day was done, and it exhausted her like hell. She sighed, thinking about tomorrow.

Surveying the new bus stops design, she noticed the new screen monitor attached to the wall that can be level with the best features and latest in the city, it was their company design and she helped Mr.Murray for decision making on what to chose from the designing team, it has a high-tech high definition touch screen that makes buses and the sidewalks to have a basic feature so that boarding was first and foremost accessible, and fast which she considers as a key part of any fast system, that requires that they have a flexible design to be able to be used with different types of buses.

Paano ba namang di niya manoticed ito.

She remembered it because she ended up making the decision herself when Mr. Murray ended up fucking her new flavor of the month in his private room which connected to his office. Mary Jane cringed from the memories where she heard them screaming with profanities and being so loud on their activities.

Ang mga animal kung makasigaw ano ba naman kasing pinag gagawa nila? Kung maka atungal parang nag aaway. Hays, pag ako yun, di ako mag iingay, kakahiya kaya.

The bus ride took an hour which gave her enough time to rest her mind and her eyes, closing her eyes inside the bus, she seemed detached from the world. With a stretch and a yawn, she fell asleep and for an unknown reason too tired to even think about how her boss was looking at her with furious eyes in the meeting earlier.

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