Chapter 2

Our faces

are glued to the window; we are being the clear definition of nosy neighbors. But, can you blame us, at least twenty movers got down?

“Are they going to demolish the house and build a palace or what?” My mom says jokingly as he lifts the chair near the window.

My dad saw my mom picking up the chair ran to her and took the chair and brought it closer to the window. Sometimes, when I see them both, I envy their love. 

They were no childhood sweethearts; they both met in a parent-teacher conference, where my dad brought his nephew, my cousin, Peter. Peter is a very enthusiastic kid who was a prankster then itself. 

So, when my dad had to cover up in place of his dad, because, Peter tricked him with his baby face. My mom found right through their charade and called his actual father. Back in the day, it seems my dad was a womanizer. I know ew! 

My mom was sure a tough nut to crack, but soon one coffee lead to celebrating their first anniversary and then they got married. Voila, my sister was born then me and the rest is history.

The surprise is even after 20 years of marriage, there is love in both of their eyes, even if they fight they resolve it before bedtime. They have this rule, which they ask us to follow as well, we should not go to bed with an angry heart and empty stomach.

The empty stomach is the reason why I am like this, I guess, but sometimes, cause of that rule only I guess I will not find the love of my life. I mean who wants to date an inflated balloon. Sometimes, I wonder maybe if I would have been thin. 

I too would have a boy stand next to me and shower me with love and kisses as my parents.

But, I guess in that sense, I will never be in love. 

Because how much ever I try or people around me try, I have never had the motivation or the need to lose weight. I am not having any health condition, which requires me to lose weight. I am sure all of you would think, the disease may not be visible now, but as days pass by I might get it.

First, it is my body, and more than all of you people, I am more concerned about my body. Second, I am trying to eat healthily, but unlike some skinny people, who always eat salad and are on crash diets. So, I am healthy for now, and let me live my life.

Because, I do not want to be this person after years, be like, I could have lived my life when I was young.

Even if we are being so cautious now, there will be a point in our life, where we will be restricted to eat some food and that is how the human system works. So instead of earning for food then, let me at least eat now and be happy.

My trains of thought come to a scorching halt when I see the family getting down from the Range Rovers. Yes, plural they are getting down from full black Range Rover with red and white customization. 

As I was staring at the cars, my eyes travel to a woman, she seems to be in her early forties or maybe even less. She looks so beautiful and is emitting a powerful aura, with confident strides in six-inch heels. She is wearing a netted white blouse with a tight black pencil skirt. 

Walking close to her is a man who I am sure, would have been a heartthrob in his days. He is every girl’s dream, dark and tall with broad shoulders in a suit that looks like a tailored fit. Like the woman, he looks tough and domineering. They legit look like the power couple, they describe in movies. 

He has his arm around her waist as they walk towards the house. There is this man in a classic black and white suit, which follows them close from behind. 

I guess he should be their bodyguard or assistant; he starts directing the movers. 

The driver opens the second Range Rover’s door and two boys get down. One of them looks like he should be four or five years old. He looks like the classic spoiled brat, he has a nanny walking behind him with his cartoon bag and he is eating a bar of chocolate as he walks towards his mother.

His mother talks away from the chocolate from his hand throws it in the trash bin and looks like she is scolding the nanny. 

 Amidst all this chaos, I do not notice the dude who looked like he walked off from a runway show. He is wearing a white fancy shirt, which is half-tuck in with sleeves rolled up, and the first two buttons were unbuttoned. He is wearing straight pants with loafers. 

“Hey, that boy looks like your age, isn’t he Sophia?” My dad asks as a mom, to which she turned to me with a sly smile. 

“Oh darling, I think so too, don’t you think he will make an amazing partner to our Savannah?” She asks my dad but she is still looking at me. 

“Mom, what the hell? Who tells partner nowadays, he looks like a modal, probably he has a girlfriend also, he will never go for a girl like me.” I say as I look down and was about to go upstairs to my room.

“Savannah dear, first no swearing in this household. Next, why are you talking like this? Where is my confident darling who walked with her head high in princess pageant?”

 My dad asks, trying to control his laughter.

“God! Dad, we have sworn not to talk about that awful time again till our graves.” I say huffing out air and cross my arms playfully. 

I had to attend that stupid show just cause my friend at that time, made fun of me that, I can’t attend that show because I look so ugly. Let's just tell you, she didn’t win the show, neither did I. 

But, unfortunately, she couldn’t even walk in the runaway, cause her dress was ruined because someone poured paint all over it. No one could find the person who was behind it. I guess some mysteries are better to be left unsolved right?

“Why are they dressed in formals though? Look even the small boy has a bow tie on. He looks so cute right, seems like he is pointing at something.”

 My mom asks as he looks at the boy sweetly.

My eyes are fixed on the handsome guy, he doesn’t emit that powerful aura, but he has this boyish charm and arrogance surrounding him. I mean what can we expect from a loaded dude, he is born with the silver spoon kind I guess?

“Honey, I guess he is not pointing but at someone, and it's us.”

 My dad says panicking and we shut the curtains, as all three of us turn to our side.

“That was so embarrassing, mom and dad, you guys were sitting on chairs and looking at them as if you were seeing a movie.” 

“Oh don’t start pointing fingers already, we both saw how you were looking at that guy with your mouth wide open. Also, young lady, is this the tone you want to talk with us?”

 My dad asks seeming to be angry but we all were diverting our minds.

My mom is secretly smiling and looking at our animated exchange, in that moment, there is a loud ping that resonates through our house. 

We all freeze at the same spot and look at the door as if we all just imagined the sound. I am the first one to come out of the trance, I start to walk back up to my room. 

But my mom and dad give me weird look and my dad whispers,

“You are part of creepers quad as well!”

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