Chapter 3

Feeling embarrassed my mom opens the door and my dad and I act as if we are opening the cartons. Acting oblivious is the best we can do now.

To our surprise, after my mother opens the door, we are met with two beautiful smiles from the power couple. They stand hand in hand with each other, they look excited. 

"Hello, we are the Browns, we are moving in today. Nice to meet you, all!" 

The woman tells as she looks at my mom expectantly.

It took my mom a good minute to come out of her trance and say the dumbest thing a person can ever say.

"We are not stalkers".

That's it! I was packing my bags to Antarctica. 

I am shocked when I hear them laugh out loud and my dad quickly apologizes and invites them over in. I think they have sent the small boy along with the nanny to their house.

Because only that guy enters, he looks too out of the place; I mean their entire family looks like that. Now looking up close, I can see how disinterested he looks as well.

The moment they sit on the couch, the bell rings again. Before we could reach the man gets up and opens the door. 

He comes back with a basket, which looks like it has some chocolates and flowers. 

“We didn’t want to come here empty-handed; I mean they do say the first impression is the best. So please accept this!”

 The lady tells and my mom quickly gets up and accepts it. 

“Do you want anything to drink? I am sorry, we moved in today as well.” My mom asks.

“Water would be fine, we are so sorry, we weren’t aware of that.” The man replies.

My mom quickly disappears into the kitchen; I thought I would also be a good daughter and help her. But, my dad stops me and starts introducing us.

“I am Robert, this is my wife, Sarah and that’s my elder son, Jacob.” 

Wow, finally I get his name, Jacob Brown, sounds like a character from movies. I don’t know why, but Sarah, his mom looks very familiar.

As she read my mind, she says, 

“I am Sarah Brown; founder of No Size, my husband is the CEO of Brown Industries. My son is a senior in Washington High, which year are you in Savannah?”

I am dumbfounded, Sarah Brown, how didn’t it strike me, her label is my favorite, it’s not too expensive but they have this idea, of not mentioning sizes and have a wide range of sizes and options.

“I am in senior year as well.” 

I say lowly. 

My dad smiles and tells, “Oh please don’t talk her wrong and she loves your brand. She is just shy; she is joining Washington High as well.”

Mr. Robert smiles at me, “Wow, that’s great. So have you decided which all colleges are you going to apply for?”

Shit! Not again! I am so done listening to this same question thrown towards me by dozens of people.

As always I say "No idea, I am still surfing through some options I will have it set by the end of the year, hopefully".

 I squeamishly smile back at him as I turn to my right, where my father looks very disappointed and looks down. And he gave me a different expression; an expression which my parents sometimes fail to share with me—understanding.

“There is nothing to be worried upon my child. Let me give you an example, you won’t believe it but I decided to be a fashion designer after I finished my business degree. So don’t put pressure on yourself with a deadline.”

She wishes me all the best and says that I can always consult her if she wants any advice. She is truly an amazing person.

Sometimes life shows you that you don't always meet bad people. People like Sarah are celebrities but still, she is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. 

My mom comes at the right time; she gives them all water and then sits next to me. 

“I am sure all of you would be wondering we all are in formals.” Mrs. Brown says as she places the glass on the table. 

Before we could reply, we are cut off by a rough voice, “Nice one mom, yeah they would be dying to know!”

Ok, his voice is amazing, but god, look at that arrogance. 

“No, we didn’t actually! But you were saying.” My mom replies with a sweet smile to Jacob.

“I am so sorry, for his behavior. Jacob, apologize right now.”

He rolls his eyes and mumbles a sorry.

“Ok, guys I am leaving! This is just too depressing to be part of. Adios!” He tells and leaves.

Okay, that was weird, what a rude person he is? What does he think he is the king of the world?

The Browns look very embarrassed and they tell dozens of times sorry.

“He is usually not like this, but today was a lot for him, that led him to come out like this. Please don’t mind his behavior.” Mrs. Brown tells.

“The thing is today is my father’s birthday, we were celebrating it. He gave my siblings and me, a mission, more like his wish. He feels like we don’t know how hard it is to earn money and living in a rented house is like.” Mr. Brown stops and takes a deep breath, as it sounds too ridiculous.

Mrs. Brown places her hand on his lap and continues, “So he told us immediately to rent a house and live there for at least a year. We must not hire help or work in our already given positions. Of course, I can continue my business. But, Robert will be stepping down from his CEO position and will be working as one of the employees for one year from now.”

We are all shocked by this revelation, which explains Jacob’s attitude and that of the child. Now, when I look at them closely I can see how frustrated they look as well. But, still doesn’t mean he can trample on us as if we are trash.

Bad things happen all the time, I guess more than a lesson to these people. I guess their grandfather was more concerned about his grandchildren’s future.

My mom and dad gave some reassurance and they exchanged numbers. After some time of chit-chat, they retired for the night and we did as well.

Of course, I had to put some pictures for all the names I heard today. So I start going to one place which has been a boon and curse to our existence, the internet.

After two hours of extensive research, I came to know that, The Browns are filthy rich. The founder, also lovely grandfather, Micheal Brown, celebrated his 85th birthday in his residence today. The celebration was a small get-together which consisted of close family alone. 

Now moving onto the family tree, Micheal Brown is married to Catherine Brown who celebrated their wedding 60th wedding anniversary at Four Seasons last month. Unlike the birthday event, it was a grand formal party with over 1000 guests.

His elder son is none other than, Robert Brown who is married to Sarah Brown for twenty years, their elder son a.k.a rich snob is called the golden boy of Washington High has a g.p.a of 3.6 and is also the quarterback of the school football team. Their younger son, Justin Brown who is five years old goes to Washington kindergarten. Fun fact, my mom is going to join that school as the math teacher.

His second son, William Brown, CEO of Brown Trading is married to Natalie Brown, who was an actress, but is now being the dutiful mean suburb mom. Trust me, I read a lot of articles of many angry moms against her. Too much drama! They have one daughter named, Karla, she is fifteen years old and is a state-level tennis player.

His last child, closest to Micheal Brown, Susan Brown, is the head of the Marketing of Brown Industries as well as the face of No Size. She is only 28 years old and has accomplished not only in her modeling career but is also a great learner; she holds the maximum number of degrees in her family.

So, I guess now all of these three children along with their families have been displaced because previously all were living in the Brown’s Mansion. 

I think they are doing this under the radar because there is no news regarding this decision. There is something still mysterious about the Browns.

 I guess only time will tell.

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