Chapter 5

Wow, that’s interesting, she brought me to a place, which is no way close or is the office room.

She turns with her ponytail skipping my mouth in few centimeters. I take a step back and look at her confused.

Slowly her lips turn upwards and she morphs into a crazy clown, I would not like to compare her to the IT clown too. Because I feel, he looked better than the current face she is pulling off.

“Oh my god! Why are you not reacting?”

Finally, she opens her mouth. I close and open my mouth like a fish out of water because I have a feeling where our conversation is leading. But I just wanted to hear it for my sake.

The thing is sadly this is not my first rodeo with people like her, basic pretentious girls who like to flaunt their daddy’s money and look down upon everyone who walks past them.

I thought she is different to be honest, because unlike my last meetups. She is not dressed in skimpy, tight clothes with hair th

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