Mafia And Love
Mafia And Love
Author: jaimezv

As Destiny Must Have It

Chapter 1

It was an awfully warm day which sort of surprises me since it’s already mid-October but then again I’m not complaining since I’m not a huge fan of the cold especially when I work eight hour shifts at the local diner that has no air conditioning nor a working heater, a girl’s got to count her blessings right? 

“Lili!” I hear all of a sudden, causing me to shake my head and snap myself back to reality, quickly looking over to my side where my boss, Charles was standing already looking at me with a frown placed on his face, an expression that’s placed on his face an awful lot. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible for an expression to be permanently imprinted on somebody’s face if they use it for too long. “Lili! Get your ass back to work” I hear him say as he walks past me. I roll my eyes and silently curse him half to death especially since I can’t afford to lose my job if I were to curse him out so instead I tighten the knot of my apron and plaster on a huge fake smile as I walk over to a booth where an older couple sat and quickly began to take their order. Thankfully, I only have an hour left in this hellhole but as I go to place the order ticket on the rack for the cook, Charles walks up to me and ruins my day just like he does almost all the time. 

“You’re working a double.” He simply says and goes to walk away but the scoff that manages to escape my mouth and before I could stop my mouth from moving I begin to speak my mind “You know, you could at least ask if I can work a double and that’s when you’d come to learn that some of your employee’s have a life outside of this dump.” 

As soon as those words escaped my mouth, I slapped a hand over my mouth and widened my eyes. Both fear mixed with shock was clearly seen on my eyes, no scratch that you can see the fear all over my face as I saw Charles’s face go red in pure anger. 

“I wasn’t asking. When I say you’re working a double then you’re working a double.” He states as he takes a few steps forward. His towering frame hovering over mine. I move away, feeling my feet step back a few steps as I feel a few tears trying to slip out of my eyes but I manage to keep them in, don’t want to seem even more pathetic than I already do. “Come on Charles, I can’t work a double today. I have an exam in my english class tonight and I can’t afford to miss it.” I say to him in a cracked voice, hoping and praying internally that he sympathizes with me and lets me go then again hell is more likely to freeze over twice before getting that type of reaction from someone like Charles. 

“Cry me a river blondie. You’re needed here more than you’re needed at that dumb school and besides, Veronica just called in sick so I have no one to work the night shift...Oh wait, I have you. Bye bye” He simply states as he waves his hand and walks away, chuckling as he walks out the door without sparing me another glance and soon as I hear the bell chime that indicates that the door is closed, I hit the counter with the palm of my hand and let the tears that have been dying to come out slip out of my eyes and feel them running down my cheeks instantly. 

When I left the upper east side back when I was still a teenager, I really didn’t think that things would be this hard but then again I prefer to live in the Bronx and work at this shitty diner than living in that hell hole with those demons that call themselves my parents but sometimes I wish and prayed for some type of miracle. 

“Hey Lils. don’t cry sweetheart, just I don’t know maybe try emailing your professor to see if they’ll give you a re-take or something?” I hear Kevin the cook shout out to me, I instantly look back at him and give him a small warm smile. 

“I wish it was that easy, Kev but this is college professors usually don’t give a rats ass about your personal life.” I reply to him, walking over to where we keep the silverware, grabbing two of each item and a few napkins to take to the couple who had just walked in a few moments prior. “Well yeah, you’ve mentioned that before but it doesn’t hurt to try now does it?” He says back to me with a smile. I scrunch up my face and actually think about it for a moment and as soon as I give the customers their drinks and their silverware, I walk back around the counter and reach down to pull out my old and dainty laptop from my bag, placing it on the top of the counter and quickly begin to write up a good and detailed email to my professor, hoping that she’d understand and for once in my life I catch a break. Thankfully, for the next few hours the diner isn’t busy giving me a chance to catch up on some homework but still feeling a little bit worried regarding the exam situation but before I could dwell on it some more, I get an email notification and instantly I press onto my email icon, widening my eyes when I saw it was a response from my professor and before I could talk myself out of it or delaying the inevitable, I quickly press onto the email and watch as the pinwheel spins a little then bam! The black and white font hits my eyes and a tears once again escapes my eyes, I slam my laptop shut, dropping my head onto my hands feeling completely and utterly defeated. 

“Is everything okay?” I then hear someone ask in a smooth and beautiful voice. Something that I find ridiculous since who even thinks of a voice as beautiful and as soon as I pick up my head from my hands and my eyes land on him, I literally feel my knee’s beginning to weaken. 

“Uh-yeah, just school stuff. You know?” I reply to him in  a shaky voice, trying my best to give him a nice smile but instead I feel like an idiot when I feel my lips trembling and my cheeks feeling like they're hot enough to burn a toast or something. 

“I see.” He simply states, narrowing his eyes on my laptop. “Geez, that thing looks like it’s about to take a shit on you” He laughs as he walks over to the nearest booth, I giggle at his statement and give him a shrug as I walk over closer to the booth he just took a seat in. 

“So stranger, mind telling me what you would like to order?” I ask him, biting my lip. I see his eyes travel down to my lips and watch as they get dark but before another second passes by he clears his throat causing me to smile, tilting my head to the side feeling victorious for once in my life for causing such a reaction out of someone like him, someone who looks like he does. 

“Coffee. Black please” He says. I nod my head and quickly walk around the counter and grab the coffee pot and a mug, walking back over to his booth and place the mug in front of him and instantly begin to pour the dark liquid into his mug. 

“So…..” the beautiful stranger begins then takes a sip out of his hot coffee then places it back down onto the table and looks up at me with his gorgeous blue eyes “Can I get your name or am I going to have to call you blondie or waitress for the rest of the night?” 

“My name is Lili” I reply to him, pulling my top lip with my teeth as I look down at him. 

“Nice name, it suits you.” He states then takes another sip of his coffee. I rake my eyes down and notice just how clean cut his outfit is and notice just how expensive it looks, I may have been out of the rich game for a while but I still know my fashion and my labels and this guy is definitely wearing both. 

“So now that you have my name, Do I get to know yours?” I ask him but before I could I hear a bunch of broken glass hitting the ground and I quickly turn around and see Kevin looking over at us with pure fear in his eyes, I furrow my eyebrows and follow his gaze which lands on him, the handsome stranger but as soon as my eyes land on him again, his lips are curved up in pure amazement almost as if he’s having fun and before I knew it he places his mug back down, licking the top of his lip and looks up at me, his right arm extended out over the edge of the booth seat “My name is Cole Jones, I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” 

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