How it all began

According to the all scriptures ever written and ever found, and according to our wide and still growing knowledge, even those passed down from generations of old and according to how we had come to be, it was a very well known and a clearly stated fact that the Earth belonged to us, it and everything in it. It was ours, humans, we alone ruled over the Earth and possessed every thing in it and we had done so for as long as time could permit us to remember existing. We had taken full control and exercised our dominance proudly over every area of the Earth. 

We were smart, we were powerful, we were wise and we were becoming too much so we wanted more and in our arrogance we thought we could have it all and truly we almost did and yes that was how and why the world which we had then, the world which we had asserted our full control over became like this; the world which we know as of now. The world we no longer owned.

It was now a broken world ruled by a few corrupted Angels, managed by the renegade Angels and subordinated by sick demons, it was now a world where humans were over thrown and placed at the bottom of the food chain, but this terrible fault was caused by the humans, it was their own doing, now they were being hunted and they were being baited and almost nearly wiped clean off the Earth, so much so that soon they became rare commodities, almost going extinct like the wild life animals they once poached and sent into extinction. Humans became rare commodities and rare commodities attracted fine money. 

Humans were hunted down, and if captured, they were sold to the highest bidder for a lot of money, a handsome and fair enough price just to own a human, either as a pet or as a slave for the Angels or just for their blood, flesh or soul or their bodies to house an entity for the demons, the human's survival in captivity all depended on who bought and who owned them, but either way, it was much safer to be owned by an Angel than to be bought and owned by a demon. 

Chances are that one becomes a slave to the Angel and treated only as such, but with the demons, there was never such chances because demons never took human slaves, no never, not when their bodies could house another demonic soul or when their blood could be used to conjour a powerful potion or spell. But some might still ask out of curiosity as is nature to the human knowledge;  how did we get here?

We knew the war was coming, it had been inevitable since demons and demonic spirits were becoming bolder and bolder. The shadows were no longer enough hiding place for them, having to blend into the darkness and staying out of sight was getting to be a little bit too much to ask of them and they did not want to hide anymore and why should they, if they could move from being just a myth, if they could move from being just a folktale told to scare people, to proving their actual existence, taking it one step at a time, moving slowly but steadily, then possessing a human was the next step. A step they took speedily.

Demons were solids, meaning they had flesh and bones and blood and what not's so they could not possess a human body as they could not be combined but the demonic spirits, the inhumane shadowy forms which only once upon a time, lurked in the wickedness of the dark could and were able to possess a human, and in time they too roamed freely, possessing the vulnerable and one could almost not be able to tell who was an actual human being still in his or her right senses from who was a possessed one except when the demonic spirits in them manifested which they often did and oh, how they loved to show off.

But soon, even that grew boring for them as the demons did not want to just stay cooped up in the dark awaiting only be summoned by humans who had taken interest in the dark and evil arts, no they did not have the patience for that and so they began stealing souls and taking full possession of the bodies which they had previously rendered empty. This went on and on as most people would suddenly just slump down and literally "die" only for the body to rise again but with a demonic soul now in control, but there was no way in which the demon's souls in the human bodies could be hidden for so long as it was nature's way of exposing them. 

The human body was not built to house such ravenging and restless souls and eventually, the body would evolve to growing of horns and or tails, fangs or having odd scaly skin. You would think this would deter them but no, they only got bolder and even more bolder. It was at that time that the Angels showed up. Nature was being affected badly.

Having to fight off so much demons who revealed themselves so openly to the humans also put these Angels in danger of getting exposed as most of these demons had to be fought physically. They carried out the operations in the dead of night when the demons were mostly active and for a couple of years the Angels remained hidden until technology exposed them. It had started with a picture but then it was nothing new, fake news were the norm, then videos dropped in, witnesses followed up on the story until a broken angel was "found". Soon then it was no myth; demons and Angels were as real as humans.

At first the government, in there bid to salvage the whole thing, announced it as Earth being under alien attack and truth be told, in a way they really were not far from the truth, these creatures were indeed some sort of aliens to us. They were supposed to remain hidden, unseen and untouched but the balance in nature had been tampered with dangerously and the tilt was way off the scale. It only took a couple years but it still happened, nature totally flipped over. 

Soon every human knew, every human claimed to have seen and encountered one of these mythical creatures and most of these humans were just as dumb as they could have been smart. Books began to pop up everywhere; "The art of demonology". "Summoning your inner demon". "To control a Spiritual being."

You would think that after this end time exposure they would turn to the safe place, turn to the light, but no, instead they capitalized on it, humans were curious, and curiosity always killed the cat. In this case, curiosity killed the humans, nearly eliminating them.

Dare devil teenagers summoned demons to possess them, summoning the Charlie demon to ask questions and some tried to bind themselves with a demon in their bid to "own" one but no one ever makes a clean deal with the devil. The guy would never just play fair. Scientist tried to catch a demon and an Angel to study them, their anatomy, what made them tick, what made then special, what made then super, their mechanisms and all that. 

One time they did succeed in capturing one of each creature and to celebrate the victory, they had several experiments conducted; merging human and demon DNA, demon and Angel, Angel and human, but then everything fun always had to come to an end. If you think the exposure of demons and Angels was like strapping a time bomb to the Earth, then consider the work of the scientist merging and tampering with their DNAs as speeding up the timer. The results were far more catastrophic than insightful.

Now every human had a guardian Angel to watch over them, and so with each human that summoned a demon, an angel was most likely to be exposed but most times there was little or nothing the guardian angels could do to stop their human from summoning a demon, I mean it is not like Angel Raphael could knock out his human with a bat, tie him up and then stuff him into his closet. It was the gift of free will.

Demons operated on a simple and straight principle; knock, invite and enter. Demons do not just possess a person without there being an open channel for possession so they either had to be invited, invoked or betrothed sometimes they worked on the principle of the mind; corrupt a person long enough to gain easy entrance. But mostly they didn't need this principle to steal a soul and only high ranking demons could do that.

Demons became bolder and the fight became fiercer. By the time the humans realized what they had brought upon themselves, it was late. The war had broken out and somehow it was more of the hatred Angels had for demons and returning them to the shadows and below then just protecting their humans. And it was during this war that the corruption was infused, it started. 

Some Angels switched sides, those ones who became the devil's angels but then they could not exactly be called or still remained "angels" so they underwent a transformation. From the earliest times, these transformations were not or rather, could not be fully carried out perfectly so the transformed Angels turned out to be weird creatures which we had only heard about in stories and as myths. 

Some other angels who switched did not support the demons but they did not protect the humans either. They thirsted for power and what greater power was there than to be worshipped, feared and revered by humans. Other Angels wanted to be like a god, leaving only a handful of Angels still loyal and faithful to their actual purpose but some were sent to earth to protect and prevent the abominable from happening but then if a man's heart could be corrupted then so could an Angel's.

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