Liam dropped down noisyly to the ground, his huge wings flapped once before folding up behind him. He had skipped going to the lake and rather chosen to go to the waterfall instead, standing under the falling water was much better than dunking yourself in a lake. He was already shirtless and he did not bother taking off his pants before stepping into the water. The water here was really shallow, reaching only up to his knees, he walked under the water fall, welcoming the cascading coolness that washed over him, it felt refreshing on his skin. 

Closing his eyes he tried to drown out his thoughts but he could not, the dark image of Renard constantly played in his subconscious, this corruption had spread faster than anything he had imagined and he did not know why he was feeling pity towards him, he had after all, chosen the path he was on now and he would face it himself. But what had made him change? He knew one of the reasons was power. Renard had always been an Angel who en
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