Leticia was screaming her voice away, causing her throat to hurt and her eyes were tightly shut, she had grabbed on to Liam body with a death grip, since the Angel was not putting on any upper body cloth, with her fingers digging into his skin. She was very scared of heights, her head was spinning, she felt the wind blowing against her, she heard the flapping of his wings, she felt his hands which firmly gripped her around her waist and the under of her knees. She screamed louder, begging him to set her down on the ground because it felt like he was not able to hear her until he screamed for her to quiet down. She had done so almost immediately, her heart was beating so rapidly, she felt that it would soon burst out of her rib cage and out of her chest.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please do not drop me, I'm so scared. Do not drop me." She continued to plead but without shouting.

"I won't drop you." 

She heard him say and she partially calmed down but dared not to open he
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