Sheila whistled an old nursery tune she had been used to hearing from her human long before the war had happened as she bounced up and down on the seat perched in front of the wagon as it rolled quite noisly along the unevened road, she held on to the reins and did not bother to urge the horse to move faster because the road was a perilous mix of rocks, bumps, holes and sharp objects, she could not risk loosing a wheel or waking up the humans, but then she was sure that the bumpy ride must have woken them up already. 

She knew that if they were already awake, then they would not scream or shout because they would most definitely believe they were in a demon's wagon so what they might do, or would do would be to find a means of escape without her knowing about it. Now that she thought about that, she remembered that she did not tie them up and now thinking about it maybe she should, else they might escape from her and walk right into another danger, but then again, it was not
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