Smokes was not the kind of place to be opened during the day and Liam was grateful for that. He sat on the bar stool beside Leticia who did not feel quite comfortable in the bar, it reeked of alcohol and vomit and was really stuffy. She noticed that the windows were kept shut and the only light here came from the red bulbs hanging on different places in the ceiling, that sort of amazed her because it made her wonder how they could have managed to get electricity running in here, but it was still relatively dark and you could not tell if it was day or night outside from in here.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and reached for the bottle of asphax that was still tied to her waist, wondering if she should apply more. She looked up over the counter, the demon girl whom she had come to know as Phidian was busy fixing them coffee, she had her back to her. Leticia squeezed the bottle of asphax in her hand.

"You're fine." She heard Liam's voice say to her in her head. She glance
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