Without Her

Liam panicked, he hesitated for a second wondering if he had heard clearly. It was her voice and she had called out to him for help. He stumbled backwards but caught himself from falling, Renard stared at him for a while before bursting out into a laugh.

"How gullible." He said. Liam snapped and charged at him in anger. Renard slipped off the sofa just in time as Liam's sword cut clean into it but he did not attack Renard any further. They both stared at each other for a while, Renard in shock and panick at his near death escape and Liam in pure anger.

"I will come back for you Renard, and that is my promise to you." Liam said and rushed out of the house, taking to the skies immediately.

Renard, a little bit shaken from Liam's last action, stood up from the floor and adjusted himself. He should get going now to the Nadris and he would inform Master Krane too about this so that he could begin the process of making the potion. Finally, after these long years, he would b
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