Ben knocked slightly on Krane's door. He shook in his knees, he did not want to come here ever again after what had happened the last time with that ridiculously annoying Imp that the demon kept as a pet, but if all worked well then this would be the last time he would be here but then Renard had told him to come over here and tell Master Krane that the mixed blood girl had been found when she really has not been.

Or has Renard found her?

The door opened and Ben almost jumped in fright. He looked in and could see nothing but darkness, he could hear the Imp's laughter and he shivered, he would have to do this. He breathed in and stepped in.

"M... Master Krane?"

"Tell me this is good news Ben or my Imp will..."

"We found the girl." Ben said in a rush, cutting the demon off. He slapped his palm against his mouth and prayed for his life.

"What did you say? Of what importance is a girl to me right now?!" He yelled.

Ben swallowed. "The... The mixed blood. We have a mi
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