A Nadri's Humanity

The girl was extremely light in Scott's arms, she did not weigh any thing and Scott felt like he was carrying paper. He held her close to himself for fear of the wind just picking her up and out of his arms. He watched her as they walked from the Nadris headquarters to Renard's place, the journey was a long one through the forest but none of them complained of fatigue, well, none of the two of them because Renard had left them to walk while he flew away, constantly swooping up ahead of them to circle them above before flying off for a few minutes only to come back again, repeating the same routine over and over.

Scott looked up at Renard flying in the sky, his wings radiated the moon's light and he had to admit that it looked very beautiful to the eyes. He looked back down and sighed, this has been the longest night he had ever seen and he began to wonder when it would be over. The girl whimpered slightly in his arms and stirred, he looked at her and then to Master Krane as the
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