Binding Ritual

Master Krane walked up to Leticia on the table who was still struggling to balance between being conscious and drifting into unconsciousness. Krane needed her to be awake, he needed her to be very conscious and to do that he had to awaken the dormant half spirit of Gates in her, the same spirit that was toiling through Renard's body to take control.

Krane glanced over at Renard who had fully transformed into a demon now but was still withering on the floor like he was trying to stop whatever was trying to take control over his body. Krane smirked and turned to face Leticia, she was the last and final piece to complete this puzzle. He just needed a final human to sacrifice.

Almost immediately, as if on cue, Ben walked into the house and on seeing the gruesome creature, rolling on the floor which had a very striking resemblance to his Master Renard, he screamed out.

"M... Master Krane..!?" He did not exactly know what to say, he just could not believe what was happening
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