"Why did you do that?" Sheila asked Scott the question as soon as Liam had left them. He had flown off in a rush, barely taking two steps to get away from them before spreading his wings wide and flying off, it had hit Scott with a powerful slap to the arm, sending him down to the ground and he still could feel the pain from it. Liam had not noticed, and even if he did, he had been too concerned about Leticia to pause and offer an apology, Scott did not even take offense in it, he knew the Angel had to hurry off. He got up and dusted himself.

"Why did I do what?" He asked back, not quite sure of what Sheila was talking about.

"Betray your kind." She replied.

Scott looked at her with a questioning look. "Betray my kind? I never betray my kind. What are you talking about?"

Sheila frowned. "So you mean you lied to Liam?!" She was getting angry. "You lied to him and you sent him over to Renard's?!"

Scott was a bit confused. "Wait, now hold up, I..." But Sheila w
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