An Angel's Duty

Liam was taken aback by what he just heard Leticia say and he stood a while, shocked band dumbfounded.

"Now," she had said. "Let us get this over with, shall we? I have a world to dominate."

Demon Renard smirked and slowly backed off with a low bow, Master Krane did the same. Liam looked around at the two of them and then back to Leticia. The girl in front of him was Leticia but what ever was inside her was not, it was something he did not know and that thing also could not recognize him.

"Leticia, snap out of this, this is not you!" Liam spoke to her in his thoughts.

Leticia heard him, or more like the first spirit that had taken over her, heard him and laughed. "She is no longer here Angel, she is gone and will be gone forever."

"Leticia," Liam continued in his thoughts as they both circled each other. "I know you are in there. Listen to me."

He watched her walk ever so slowly, like a predator checking out the weak parts of its prey. The green scaly s
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