Chapter 281

Jonah POV

"Seriously, there has to be a better way than walking," Eziah whined as we trekked up the narrow trail toward the ruins at the back of the property.

"Do you ever stop whining?" I mutter while rolling my eyes.

"I am just saying for a dead guy, he is pretty heavy, and why the ruins?"

"Kaif said the ruins are where he goes," I tell him when Eziah places the coffin on the ground before stretching his back. I carefully set the other end down.

"Well, he should be helping," Eziah grumbled.

"He is preoccupied," I tell him trying not to smirk.

"Doing what? Staring at Mara while she sleeps," he growls.

"They are definitely not sleeping," I tell him shifting uncomfortably. I adjust myself, my erection becoming quite uncomfortable. My movement does not go unnoticed by Eziah, who groans.

"For real, he fucking my sister while I carrying his father's carcass up a damn trail," he snarls before shaking his head. He bends down, picking up the end again, and I do the same.

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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
I wonder if Katya is watching thru the fountain??
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t want this book to end….. ever
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Whitaker
well that was a creepy ass chapter & and I bet it's just going 2 get weirder but with a happy ending I hope. ... ... ... ...️

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