Chapter 282

Eziah POV

Something was happening. The moment Kyan's magic latched onto her, she jolted. A cold rush moved through me, and her eyes bled black. She smiled. The look on her face was eerie like she was looking straight through me. Jonah refused to let me go to her, and I was a second away from blasting him with my magic as she spoke to something, agreeing with it while Kyan tried to coax her out of whatever state she was in.

He looks at her worriedly, whispering to her to ignore the voices. I couldn't hear anything, but it was clear she could. Black tendrils writhed all over her exposed skin.

Thunder and lightning streaked the sky and rumbled loudly, cracking like a whip and igniting the sky in streaks of light.

Kyan spoke calmly when blood started to stream from her eyes, nose, and ears, his voice growing higher when he suddenly bit her. Sank his teeth into her neck, remarking her, her eyes flickered, and my heart jolted in my chest.

She blinks rapidly, and Kyan rips his head back.
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Cindyy Adams
This has got to be the best chapter ever ... the way you described all the action was like watching a movie. Bravo bravo ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Fourney
I really love Ryan and Mara, and Jonah but darn I wish he had his own mate. But I like the group. But darn I have been waiting for this moment, why are you making us wait!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Francis M Torres
I can't tell you how I am feeling right now for them.

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