Chapter 13

Alpha Ezra shows me inside. Beta Mateo waited in the foyer when we arrived with my backpack over his shoulder. He hands it to me, but Alpha Ezra takes it, throwing it over his shoulder before leading me up the stairs to the second floor of the building. He pulls down the long hallway.

 Multiple doors ran along both sides, and I could only assume they must have been other bedrooms. Walking to the last door in the long hallway next to yet another flight of stairs leading to the third level, he opens the door, revealing a bedroom.

"You can stay in here. If you need me, just follow the stairs on your right. They lead upstairs where mine and Mateo's bedrooms are," He says, placing my bag on the edge of the double bed. The room was pleasant, nicer than my bedroom back home, and all the furniture was made of oak.

"You remember where the bathrooms are and the shower block?" He asks and I nod. Mateo showed us the first night we came

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goodnovel comment avatar
I think something it’s wrong.. did he find out about Katy’s?
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And still with the lies
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he forgets that's she is only a teenager ffs

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