Chapter 10: Working on Projects

Meredith spent all day Monday with Karen in the meeting room with their laptops going over the ad campaign and adjusting and perfecting their designs. Mr. Hubert kept walking up to the glass window and just watching them without coming in. They knew he was anxious when he kept pulling out his mustache comb and running it through his mustache over and over. It just added to the creepy effect he was creating, which wasn’t helpful to their concentration.

“Even if they don’t see this as amazing I’m proud of what we have going here. It truly is amazing.” Karen told Meredith as they looked at the preview on the screen. “Choosing to go with the more risky font without a backup is a bit of a gamble but it allows us time to perfect it rather than split between two projects essentially.”

“Exactly. Mr. Hubert wants us to wow

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