Chapter 57

I RAISED my head when there's someone tapping me. The surrounding is suddenly change, its so strange.

I just stared into it, not moving in my position. Moments later, Easton opened the door.

Surprised on what he's seeing, he immediately scan the room and looked for me. When he found me, he immediately kneeled down and hold my hand.

"Snap out of it." He said.

I looked at him, took my hand and looked at him in the eye.

"Easton, he's gone. He's gone" I burst out laughing.

Easton immediately hugged me.

"Shh... shh, stop."

"Why didn't I notice?"

I hug him back, I couldn't understand myself. I'm supposed to be in despair! I should be crying my eyes balls right now.

But, why can't there be a single drop of tears?

"He left me all alone. Alone, again." I hit Easton's back.


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