Chapter 58

"Oh, goodness! I'm not gonna kill myself, get out!" I shouted from the bathroom.

"Just making sure, fucker." I heard Aza shouted.

I rolled my eyes and started taking a bath. Afterwards, I dry myself and wear the dress. I paired it with my favorite heels.

I contacted the roses boutique where Dev usually buy his flowers. I ordered a bunch of them, Dev would love it if his coffin is surrounded with flowers.

I went down to the living room with the phone in my hand. Everything is set, I smiled to the workers and request to have all the flowers removed.

They followed my request, after a couple of hour the white daffodils arrived. They started designing again.

I sat down and looked at my phone. His family, Mother and sisters. They deserve to know.

I let out a long sigh before standing up, I dialed his Mom's number.

["IHA! I'm just about to call yo

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