SHE'S there, I could touch her... She's real.

I smiled as soon as I saw Elara smile, I unconsciously smiled as well.

The cold dusk sky's wind run through our skin. The breath of fresh air releases the heavy burden of sorrow weighing on my heart.

It was reassuring.

I stared at Elara. She had pale but glowing complexion, her clothes portrays her character more. Her frail frame that I couldn't easily hold.

"Look, the view here is much prettier." I said and smiled.

Elara drifted her gaze and chuckled. "Yes, tha


Chapter 23 is up! If you ever kind of confuse with this, its a flash back everyone. This made Elara who she is now. Estell is Elara, she change her name after her release in prison. Joyful reading!

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