"ANO na naman tinutunganga mo diyan?"

I blinked twice and smiled. I rested my chin in the middle of my palms while looking up to him.

"Enjoying the handsome view." I chuckled.

"You have to review this case file, Miranda."

"Of course; I would, Selvantes."

He smiled and leaned forward to kiss my forehead.

"Let's go on a date later okay?"

I slowly smirked. "Miss me, huh?"

"Aba, saang banda? Heheheheheh, anyways I'll book the place later."

"Yes! We've been sitting here for ages, we deserve a break."

He slowly massage my shoulders. "You tell me, you're the workaholic one."

"You are the same."

I laughed while he was laughing, he caresses my face while rested his forehead into mine.

"Time to w*--"


What is he saying? I suddenly felt like deaf. His mouth is moving yet I can't hear a voice.


Then, I slowly felt something tugging my clothes while tears are dripping down my cheeks.

I opened my eyes and suddenly my friends are the one I saw.

"Omyghad! You're crying while sleeping, Elara!" Ophira shouted.

I frowned. "Huh? Really I did?"

"Ano ba 'yang ini-imagine mo? Mala-teleserye ba?" Tanong ni Lav.

"Wag mo na inisin." Dagdag ni Kanluran.

My throat is suddenly dry, I cannot speak. What was it again?

What did I dreamed of?

"Hay, magsi-uwi na nga kayo, may mga trabaho pa kayo bukas." Sigaw ni Ophira.

"Grabe naman 'to mangtakwil! Baby Isaiah, Paps will be backkk!" Sigaw ni Kanluran.

I shook my head and kissed Isaiah's forehead. "Nangnang will also comeback tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes! Drive safely po."

We all smiled and hug him once more.

I drove home as usual. Drop myself in the bed while thinking until I fall asleep.

"GOOD morning, Judge."

"Morning!" I smiled and walked to my office. "Today's schedule?"

"Oh, today is the founding anniversary of rhe school. I cleared your whole schedule except the meeting with the Prosecutor this evening."

"Is that so. He still hasn't given up huh." I smirked. "Thanks, Rey."

Just an usual day, work, eat and work. Nothing special.

"Sera, double check this file for me and review tonight's appointment."

She nodded. "Yes, Judge. How about the foundation ceremony?"

"Order some flowers and send them a gift. Go there in my behalf."

"Will you be fine alone, Judge?"

I smiled. "Yes. Don't worry, my brother is just next to my door."

"Well then, I shall do what you want."

"Be safe."

She smiled and quickly left my office.

I leaned in my chair while massaging my temples. I slowly stared in my ring and smiled.

"Five years huh, five years."

I smiled and went back to my work.

"Attorney, I need you to sign this." Sabay pasok ni Iñigo.

"Hmm, come here."

"Attorneyyy, please check this out." Biglang sulpot ni Jaspher.

"Miranda, consultation." Dumagdag pa si Sto. Domingo.

I sighed first. "Lagay mo ang mga dokumento dito, Iñigo. Jaspher ayusin mo muna 'yung presentation bago ko 'yan i-check. Ikaw Sto. Domingo, halika rito."

"Yes, Attorney!" Malakas na sigaw nila.

Maya-maya lang si Sto. Domingo nasa harapan ko na.

"Why would the almighty Judg-- Attorney Sto. Domingo asked for a consultation huh." I said in sarcasm.

He smirked. "Try to be civil for once, Miranda."

I smiled. "Don't drop the formalities."

He stared first before answering. "Fine."

I laughed before checking the case he bought.

"A murder huh. Sounds fun."

He groaned. "Like hell it would. Another headache for me."

"Want me to handle it?" I smirked.

He quickly grabbed the file. "I asked for a consultation, thief."

"I didn't steal it yet. What kind of advice do you want."

"Since there is a murder scene, I could investigate it and deal it on my own right?"

I sighed. "How could you be so stupid? Are you really a board passer?"

He rolled his eyes. "Yes I am! I'm also a top-notcher."

"You doesn't sound like one. Well for your information, I fucked up the rules so, make you own don't copy me. Xerox."

"Its photocopy duh."

I shook my head when he left the office. I'm alone again, I checked the file Iñigo gave and some other things before going to my final appointment.

To that bastard.


I sighed before sitting in the stool.

"Why did you set an appointment again?" Bungad ko.

"That hurts! My friend! I was the one who is with you when you're alone, why are you like this!" He sounds like crying.

"When did I do that?" I asked while drinking an alcohol placed in front of me.

"Have you been fooling around?"

"Do I look like I am?" I asked.

"Don't twist my word." He said and suddenly pulled my hair.

"You bastard asshole."

"Loner bitch."

I hissed and looked at my hands. I saw the ring once again.

I slowly found myself smiling while looking at it. It was too late when I noticed I was also thinking about someone.

"If you love him so much, why did you two broke up?"

I was taken back at first. It took me a while before answering.

I smiled at him. "He left."

A shocked reaction quickly registered in his face.

Pity? Sadness? Relief?

I couldn't read his emotion after being shocked.

I mean, I'm like that too. I was.

I tilt my head, looking up in the sky. Technically, the roof of the bar.

"Five years ago..."

I closed my eyes and feel the surroundings. I felt something, my mind, my soul, my heart is looking for someone.

I think, he is always with me.

Then, I remembered.

His sweet voice, his warm touch and even his influencing smile.

A blinding face that glows every time. More importantly his poisonous smile and his expressive eyes.

How could I forget my love?

Devon Sirius Selvantes.

The one I was longing for.

The one who always appears in my dreams and memory.

"Anong magagawa ko, iyon ang desisyon niya. Desisyon niyang iwan ako."

It hasn't been a year, since I got back at him. But in the span of that time, my love grew deeper.

The time comes where I couldn't make through a day without seeing his face. Survive a hour without hearing his voice. Pass a minute without glancing him.

I always crumble every time I imagined what life would be without you in it.

As each moments passed by, every memory and experiences we gained. My heart envisioned.

He is going to be my last.

I was right.


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