I remember having dreams like this before in the past but I didn't pay much attention to them. But not my dream is all I can think about, maybe because it involves someone that I love and someone that I almost kissed earlier, the latter in a compromising position.

Wait, did I just say love? I love Sky? Well I'm kind of obsessed with him and he's all I think about and the thought of anyone else having him or hurting him kills me. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with Sky!

But is it even possible or normal to fall in love with someone after a few days of meeting them? Well very little about me is normal so I guess the rules don't exactly apply to me.

I check the time and it's still pretty early. Sleep has evaded me and my mind won't stop playing the events that occured in my dream. It felt so real and a part of me is feeling guilty, like I actually cheated on Sky.

Even my lips are swollen like the kiss actually happ

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