"Mistress!" Her voice is frantic as she shakes me. "Wake up!"

My eyes snap open only to see that I'm in my room, safe and sound. Zaralina is hovering over me and if I'm not mistaken, she actually looks worried.

I sit up, momentarily touching my back to see if my wings are still intact. The whole thing just felt so real that I need confirmation that I'm alright and that nothing actually happened. 

"Do not worry, they are still there." Zaralina says, clearly reading my mind.

Feeling embarrassed by the fact that she's caught me weirdly touching my back, I immediately stop. "I just wanted to check." I tell her awkwardly, I'm still not a friendly basis.

"I understand." She says as she sits besides me on my bed. "You had the vision, didn't you?"

I nod. "Yes, he killed me."

"Soliaire can be vicious when his power is threatened

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