They arrive back to their world of Xnandria and the master is barely alive. She worries that he's going to bleed to death and die. It's a known fact that the wounds of the wings never heal, especially if the creature who tore them out is a powerful angel who's also half angel.

"Brothers , sisters!" She cries for help as she carries the master into his temple. "Achilles!" She calls for her sister. "Master is dying!"

They get into the temple and it's unusually empty with the exception of Zacharie, Hasiah and Achilles who's sitting in the master's chair by the way. Zacharie and Hasiah stand beside, making no attempt to come help help her with the master.

"So the girl managed to remove his wings, I hear the wounds never heal." Achilles dares to say.

Sarrtina senses a shift in her sister's loyalty.

"Achilles what are you doing?"

"My brothers and I have been talking a

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