Chapter 21

"You must already know that the head of the Andersons' is Mrs Miranda."

"Yeh and?"

"But she doesn’t take care of her family business anymore. The others do it for her."

"Others as for?"

"Others as her sons and grandchildren."

"...I see."

Silence engulfs the room. Howard and Nina were discussing the Anderson family when Eleanor wasn’t around. Otherwise, this discussion wouldn’t have taken place in the first place since she hated backbitings about her family. She showed such devotion although being mistreated by them every day. It surprised Howard but at the same time, he thought about how pathetic she was.

However, what was that strange feeling he was having? To be specific, he was craving for something at the same time he was cursing his wife for being a stupid woman. But, Howard couldn’t figure out what he was wishing to have. He was drowning in his thoughts when suddenly a pair of hands kept running before his eyes.

Nina was waving her hands to grab his attention since Howa
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