Chapter 24

Eleanor had been looking at the mirror for an hour with deep anticipation. She could hear her stomach rumbling whenever Howard's face popped up before her blank eyes. While acting his part about what he would say when he saw her, Eleanor could hear her heart beating louder than drums. She kept patting her chest in case she was capable of calming it down.

"Calm down! Calm down! Woah. Everything's going to be fine." Eleanor said to her troubled heart but it only fueled her fear. She sat down on the chair, clenching her dress hard as she looked at the mirror again to find Nina at the back. A soft smile appeared on her face before saying, "I'm scared."

"Why? Are you going to war?!" Nina asked in return which almost killed Eleanor since she had found it funny. She burst into laughter, unable to hold back anymore. It lasted for a while until she started clearing her tears and said, "It's not funny at all!"

"But you’re laughing!"

"Yeah, you’re right! WHOA! I feel something heavy on my ch
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