Chapter 25

"Hey! Wha...what the hell are you doing?"

"Shut up!"


That was the last thing Reynold could say before his mouth got shut. His eyes were already blindfolded, so he couldn’t see where he was being taken like a package without an address.

He was on his way to his home after a tiring day in the office. The deal with a foreign company took longer than he had anticipated. Although Reynold had a bittersweet argument that he had wished to forget by having a glimpse of his sweet wife, fate planned otherwise.

After all, the day was jinxed!

The hard grip behind his neck was painful enough for him to ignore where he was being dragged. For a while, he could only smell a musty odour around him. The mild sound of cranes was piercing through his ears. Reynold could conclude that it was a lively industrial area, but It was hard finding out about which part it was in Roveign city.

Just before he works out the clues, Reynold heard someone slamming their way forward and guessed it was
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