Chapter 12

Eleanor was standing inside the club, clutching a fat leather bag in her hand. There was a lot of money in it that she didn't wish to lose. She sold her brand new car, Ornaments and valuable assets including the old house she lived in after discussing the matter with her aunt Laura. The only person who could help her at that moment. She also shared a little bit of money with her. That's why losing the money would cost Eleanor her life and the place where she came was rather a hell for her.

Eleanor was surely surprised when she came inside the tunnel. She couldn't believe what she saw. Everything that wasn't graceful was happening here and her father dropped so low that he started gambling in the clubs here. But she knew what was the other reason he would come here for and that was women! Not that mattered anymore since what was done couldn't be undone. And her mother was partly in fault. So s

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