Monday Blues

Every warrior in our pack had gathered in the small clearing, making a sparring field of sorts. Various weapons stood on temporary racks to the left side. Summer sun filled the clearing, lighting everyone up. It was a good afternoon to train. I used to love being apart of a unit. Being a part of them. Now it filled me with dread seeing everyone so closely packed. So many pairs were going off on each other. A kick here, a swing of fists there. They would clash in the center of their makeshift rings, then come apart again for some air. To me, it was a dance to determine who was the strongest partner. To my father it was an opportunity to weed out the weaklings. Much like myself.

I needed the outlet, since last night and this morning was still fresh in my mind. Julian had crowded every part of my thoughts, leaving a tangy taste in my mouth. Mother suggested I got some fresh air after I ate. So I had gone and dressed in my most comfortable clothes. Finding them

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Bella Jersey
I’m hating this world because I feel female werewolves are limited. I don’t like

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