Tuesday Troubles

The stars still glittered when I had walked over to Mikaela's house. Her parents had already left for work, as had her brother. She had started her admin job when she was eighteen and still clung to it. That was her way of escaping from our day to day lives. Like the humans, we had attended high school in the human town. Like humans, Mikaela had insisted on getting a job right out of school. She couldn't afford university and her parents didn't want her to attend, so she wanted to start earning enough so that she could further herself. Unlike Mikaela, my job was dictated of me from birth. Being a Beta was hard work and took dedication, and once I get mated, my husband will take the title. Proving once again that women could work twice as hard as the males, but would still come second.

Mika was already dressed by the time I walked in, giving us enough time to chat before she was speeding off to another day of sitting behind a desk. That wasn't to be my life, thankfully, but ma

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What could they have?

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