Dreadful Dead

When you stare death in the face, you never think about insignificant things. Whom you love. The people you wanted to speak with before you went. All the apologies left unsaid. That didn't happen for me. Instead, all I thought as the vampire in the middle smiled at me was, shouldn't he be burning in the sun right about now? Become a pile of ashes and float away on the wind? Contrary to popular belief, werewolves rarely encountered other creatures, especially vampires. So to see so many of them shook the air from my lungs and brought up my breakfast to just below my neck. It also made me somewhat angry to think that all the books my people had left on vampires were very inaccurate. Someone had to get on that problem as soon as possible.

Andrew rushed to my side as the vampire smiled at me again, his fangs catching the sunlight. Heartbeats were audible from inside all the homes surrounding us. No one had gotten out safely before these people just waltzed right on in. I had led

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