Daddy Issues

As a child, I always dreamed of what my future would be. Mated, living in a home with several pups. Our garden would be tended to every day, flowers of all colours blooming in the afternoon sunlight. My parents would be having brunch with us every Sunday after I had bathed the kids. Father would joke around with my mate. Mother would touch my already growing belly. Child number five on the way. Everything would feel like a dream. Perfect. I was content, happy even, with the life granted to me. My mate would take over as Beta once Jasper stepped up to being Alpha. Or my mate was an Alpha. His new pack adored me. I adored and comforted them. A model Luna to the pack that took her in so lovingly.

Through this entire dream, vampires and the discord between us and them didn't exist. Didn't appear anywhere in the story. Our people were happy. I was happy in a role dictated by our society. Then I grew up. Grew older and colder as the years flew by. Gone was the little girl who dream

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