Without You

Words failed me. Every inch of my soul told me that this man was my mate. Pieces finally fell into place. Pieces I didn't exactly wanted to know, but had to face. Julian was a king and all I had been was a source of power. An invigorating snack. Even if our necklaces belonged together, there was still a piece missing. Another part of me refused to believe it was Mikaela. It couldn't be. I refused to drag her any deeper into a mess I had made. I was breathless by the time I finally rushed into Mika's house. Her parents were away for some business, leaving us alone.

She stood in front of her stove, stirring some sauce, when her eyes flashed towards me. Worry hooked into her features as she stepped towards me. I slowly walked forward and flung my arms around her waist, shoving my head between her breasts. Mikaela smoothed down my hair in relaxing strokes, but didn't push me to speak. Her presence alone calmed me more than any deliberation about this situation would. If Julian ha

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