Werewolf Pup

Hours had flitted by in the blink of an eye. Our drive had been filled with music and off key singing. Julian pointed out several of his favourite places along the way. Vineyards with the best wine. Ranches with the prettiest horses. Some of the best beaches, with sand whiter than my teeth. We had driven alongside the ocean for most of our trip. In our pack, we rarely had the luxury of visiting a beach, even when we stayed a few kilometres from the closest one. Our elders believed wolves were made for forests, not waves, but Jasper had taken Sophie and I once, just when he had gotten his license. It felt like a life time ago. Julian and I had dropped into something resembling normalcy. The cruel night had almost been completely forgotten. I would show him the songs I loved and he would tell me about his musical talents. I hadn't mentioned that Richard had also informed me of his painting habits.

We were just inside the borders to the Western Cape when Julian pulled off to the

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