Home Sweet Home

Even with exhaustion numbing my brain, I could barely sleep. I had tossed and turned the entire night. The soft mattress curved under my weight, fitting my body perfectly. No penny was spared when they had decorated this place for me. Even the pillows grooved into my neck. I still couldn't sleep. So many thoughts ran through my mind. None of them were even remotely comforting. Mikaela was a pressing problem. If my father had decided to take his angry out on her because he couldn't punish me, I would never forgive myself. She didn't need any more problems in her life. She couldn't handle any more problems. I turned again in bed, the cool satin grazing my skin. Moonlight fluttered onto the carpet through the slits in my curtains. It would have been a beautiful night to go for a run. Scarping the urge to go outside, I groaned and covered my head with an arm. It was always like this. I could rarely ever sleep comfortably when so many issues w

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