As Henni walked back into the hospital, she avoided all the main places that her co-workers would go. She didn’t want to be seen if she could help it. She then slipped into her office and closed the door. No one would know that she was there. As long as she really didn’t make any noise or someone didn’t go looking into her office for something that they needed. She settled into her desk, and then she picked up a folder and turned on her computer. There was a new email from the detective she had just met.

She looked over the email, and it was rather basic. She had to wonder when it was actually sent. It had to be before they had met a few minutes ago. She smiled to herself. It isn’t like that working with the good-looking detective would be hard unless he was attached to one of those women she had just put into their place. She shook her head. That is one of the reasons that she hated meeting new people. She

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