“It is a little different.” He said as they made their way out to the lot, and then he showed her which car to go to. “Most of the time there is fifty-fifty custody with normally the mother having the primary custody of the children.”

“Oh.” She said, “Well, she had the others almost all the time. She would talk so badly about our dad, so he didn’t get them often. He wanted too though, but it was almost a lost cause. The damage she did to the others with her demands basically severed contact with my dad and me.”

“But you?” he asked. He knew he was prying, but now he was intrigued even more about her. She was beautiful and looked like a goddess in her own right, but she didn’t see it. She had no idea that her smallness was a turn-on for most men. The fact her curves were in the right places as well as another. The scrubs she was wearing didn’t hide any of those either. His guess w

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