“I had a great time.” He said as he looked over to her in the car as he was driving back to the hospital so she could get her car.

“So did I.,” she replied as she smiled. “If I had known, it was this easy to make friends. I would have tried long before now.”

“It’s not most of the time.” He replied. “Sometimes, though, people just click like they were supposed to be your friend. Those friendships are normally the best.”

“I guess I should give you my address so you can come over tomorrow, and we can go to the grocery store, and I can show you how to do the lunches and dinners.” She said as she looked at him as he drove.

“How about I follow you home just so I know where it is. I mean, I do need your number as well.” He said. “I think you have my work one but not my personal one.”


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