The next set of instructions was the two of them making the bed into to equal parts. When she crawled in the bed, he watched her and knew this was different than anything he had seen or experienced before. Though he understood her way of thinking and he would behave accordingly though it wouldn’t be easy. He got into the bed, and then as she sighed and wiggled around for a moment, then he could hear the change in her breathing.

He followed her into sleep quickly as well. When he woke up, though, he saw her sleeping rested face. It was even more beautiful than she had been the night before. He brushed the hair that was covering half of it off her face, and he knew that he wanted to see this part of her for a very long time. He knew what he wanted as he closed his eyes and stretched slightly without making too much movement because he didn’t want to wake her.

Soon he found himself back asleep until he heard her stretch. She was still blinking he

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