Spending the entire weekend together was not in his plans, but he was glad he had that too for the that first weekend with her. The week after was slightly difficult as he did change his diet and, with her help, had packed up ten meals for him to have for the week. She said she would help him again on the following weekend, and she did without having to change anything for her days.

The changes in him were easy to see to anyone who looked at him longer than five minutes, and within a month of eating her healthy meals, he had slimmed down to a healthy weight. He had more energy, and he also had more motivation to go out to the gym after he got off his shift. All the people he worked with were surprised by the end of that first month or so. He was happier and better looking than most people had given him credit for. The few people who knew what his family looked like had written him off years before. He

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